Coal Founder Patience Andrew becomes an Atlas Corps Fellow

Literature has been imperative in society as an active tool of advocacy for
civil melioration. Once again, it proves true as COAL founder enlists with the
Atlas Corps fellowship program. The social activist, poet, on-air-personality,
has shown commitment in using and providing the platform for literary
expression towards development and innovation. The very plinth COAL rests on.

Patience Andrew
has a deep-seated desire to use her skill for societal development as seen in
her enrollment of the Atlas Corp fellowship – an international organisation
established for more than a decade of promoting innovation and cooperation
among leaders while providing solutions to address current world challenges.

The COAL founder will serve as Boston Program Coordinator Fellow and will primarily
focus on direct youth work including daily intensive group facilitation with
teens. She will work as part of TE (Teen Empowerment ) Organizers responsible
for the day-to-day operations of a TE operations site. the 12-18 month long
program will see her associate with skilled professionals of like minds from
across the world and from different sectors of leadership, a step further in
making literary consciousness and participation a vanguard in the campaign for societal development.

We at COAL are proud of her and we will continue to push for social transformation using the art.

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