Team Structure & Board

At COAL, we pride ourselves on a multidisciplinary and diverse team, drawing professionals from a broad spectrum of fields. This rich and diverse expertise ensures a holistic approach to development challenges. Our team comprises international development experts, researchers, communicators, poets, and experts in diversity, equality, inclusivity.

Board of Trustees:

 COAL is guided by a Board of Trustees, consisting of distinguished academics and seasoned practitioners in the financial, educational, legal, development, and creative sectors. The board, steered by a chairperson, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the organization’s long-term success. Trustees are elected to serve a tenure of five years, reflecting their commitment to COAL’s mission and vision.

Management Team:

This comprises the Board of Trustees, Executive Director who doubles as the Program Manager. The management team led by the Executive Director provides overall leadership, develops and implements strategic plans, oversees program management, and ensures the overall effectiveness of the organization.

  • Admin Directorate: The Admin Directorate oversees all administrative operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization’s processes and systems. This includes the daily management of organizational operations, including human resources, correspondence, welfare, facility management, and ensuring security and safety. The Admin Directorate comprises admin, finance, procurement and logistics. The admin department of COAL is in charge of procurement (human capital and materials), administration of day-to-day activities, and planning and implementing logistical strategies for the organization’s operations and projects. Human resource management, correspondence, welfare and logistics, facility management, security, and safety are all areas where they work.
    • Finance department: The Finance team reports to the Administrative Director and handles budgeting, financial reporting, and auditing, ensuring financial sustainability and transparency across the organization.
    • ICT and Comms department: The ICT department oversees the organization’s communications plans as well as the design, deployment, and administration of ICT-driven systems. The department’s responsibilities include providing ICT support and training to employees, clients, and partners, as well as identifying, designing, and deploying communication initiatives to support campaigns and COAL’s advocacy initiatives.

Program Directorate

This directorate is responsible for conceptualizing, developing, and executing social interventions in line with COAL’s objectives. This team ensures that projects are effective, impactful, and aligned with the organization’s thematic focus areas. Being that we cover thematic areas of programming, members of our program team are professional in the fields for which they implement; applying the inputs available to achieve the outputs, outcome and impact of each development project we undertake. Under this directorate are portfolio managers:

  • Education: To oversee educational initiatives, ensuring they meet set standards and objectives and cater to the needs of the target audience.
  • Market Access Department: To manage and promote the Creative Market Access portfolio, ensuring opportunities for creators and artists to access wider markets.
  • Business Development Team: The BDT team ensures fundraise to ensure revenues are generated from consultancy services such as training and research services, of which profits generated are reinvested into our organization, supporting our ongoing development initiatives.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL) Department: This team is crosscutting to support both programs and Business Development in designing and implementing research, conduct evaluations of ongoing projects, and ensure continuous learning and improvement within the organization.

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