Empowering Youth Through Alternative Education & Literary Development

COAL works to inspire a well-informed, empowered youth generation contributing to Africa’s growth.

COAL has worked to bridge the education inequality gaps by offering alternative youth development programming that promotes literacy, civic education, socio-cultural exchanges, creative writing, and gender equality. We believe that the ability to read and write are fundamental for a young person’s success, making books essential for nurturing criticality in young leaders

In 2014, armed with the zeal of youth and the power of unity, Patience and Daisy gathered around them six other like-minded young women, and thus, COAL was founded. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that their vision took an official form with a formal registration.

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Under this portfolio, COAL implements development programs focused on establishing school libraries, book clubs, and film screenings of book adaptations and provides accelerated literacy and numeracy programs.

Economic Empowerment For Creatives

Economic Empowerment For Creatives

COAL recognizes the challenges faced by creatives in leading sustainable economic initiatives and finding ulfillment in their creativity. We support writers, poets,

Research And Development

Research & Development

COAL has continued to utilize and encourage organizations to implement transformative development models that are participatory, intersectional, contextual, and relevant to the needs of

From its founding year in 2014, COAL emerged from a passionate aspiration to nurture a vibrant community of literature enthusiasts. Over the years since its inception, the tangible influence of COAL within the literary community is undeniable

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