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Embark on a journey into the creative mind of Tongial Wunkagha Nungbulla, affectionately known as LetterMan, as he shares insights into his debut book, "The University Library," and the challenges and triumphs of being a young writer in Nigeria.

Join us for COAL’s Open Mic this May 2024.   Calling performers, musicians, poets, comedians, and creatives! Whether you want to take the stage or simply enjoy the incredible talents on display, this Open Mic is for you!  Register your interest here: spots available, so act fast!  Let’s create a supportive atmosphere, where artists can showcase their […]

Opportunities for Creatives: April 2024

The Poets for Avoidable Deaths campaign aims to raise awareness about the critical issue of preventable deaths caused by disasters and hazards in Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing regions.

Edit Column Get ready to groove with The Custodians of African Literature teaming up with the Word Smash Poetry crew and the Avoidable Deaths Network for a virtual open mic! Let’s mark the International Awareness Day on Avoidable Deaths 2024 in style!

Edit Column The Custodians of African Literature (COAL) in partnership with the Avoidable Deaths Network is implementing a one-month awareness and advocacy campaign “Poets for Avoidable Deaths” that leverages the potency of spoken word poetry to elevate the voices of youths on issues relating to disaster-prone regions of the developing world.

What’s a Fun Fact about you?  I’m cynophobic!  I am overwhelmingly afraid of canines, puppies inclusive!  I don’t know when or how it started but the episode that got stuck to my memory is the hot chase I was once given and what followed that hunt. It happened during my teen days; I was around […]

Unlock your creative potential and seize these incredible opportunities! From prestigious literary prizes to transformative artist residencies, there's something for everyone. Don't miss out—explore these opportunities today and elevate your craft!

COAL's Board member, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim has made it to the longlist of the 2024 Dublin Literary Award for his Novel “When We Were Fireflies.”

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