Book Club

COAL In-person or Virtual Book Club Protocol

Are you seeking to start an in-person or virtual COAL book club in your community or join a community of book lovers in your city? We are glad to have you on board and to support you throughout the process, making it an easy task.

Our In-person and virtual book clubs are designed to provide a safe space for young people to engage in cross-learning and knowledge sharing by supporting each other to read agreed books over an agreed period and engage in thematic reviews of the same books. These clubs are autonomous as to what books they read, venue, time and days for the meeting so long they are in line with COAL’s standard Operating procedures.

In-person book clubs are set up with respect to geographic coverage with members found nearby such that participation is not considered a herculean task of travelling from one location to another. Ideal settings for a book club will be a state with the meeting point being at the State’s capital city. In situations where the state has more than one metropolitan city, multiple clubs can emerge in synergy. To start a club, the following are to be considered:


Interested in Joining a Book Club in Your City?

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