Book Reading with Theresa Ebi Tobuyei

Jos Book Reading with Theresa Ebi Tobuyei

On a sunny day of 1997 the War crisis broke out between the indigenous ethnic groups of Delta State Nigeria, displacing about 700,000 people in Delta State and 200,000 in Warri. In retrospect the war crisis was part of a broader conflict over oil in the Niger Delta where thousands of barrels were lost and many pipelines blown up by militant youths. 


This part of our history is what Theresa Ebi Tobuyei tells in an intimate tale of three friends and classmates whose delicate fabric of existence changes during a normal school day and their reconnection a decade later changes their lives forever in the most awkward way.


Theresa Ebi tells a story of the bond of friendship, war, corruption and loss in her beautiful Novel GASP.


Join us for a book reading session with Theresa Ebi Tobuyei in Jos this February.


Date: 25th February 2024

Time: 2:00 Pm

Venue: 3rd Floor Taen Building, Old Airport Jos, Nigeria 

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About the Author

Theresa Ebi Tobuyei is a Lawyer, writer, and humanitarian who holds a Masters of Law (LLM) with a specialization in International Monetary Law and functions presently as a Senior Judicial Research Officer at the Bayelsa State Judiciary and as the Editor–in–Chief of St. Theresa Magazine- STAM.  

STAM, the conduit through which Theresa tries to influence change, has been carrying out a series of humanitarian activities in communities in the creeks of the Niger Delta Region and cities in Nigeria as a whole; with the most recent; a free creative writing symposium organized for secondary school students of St. Jude Girls Secondary School Amarata, Bayelsa State, the redefinition program conducted for Students with special needs at the Bayelsa State School of Children with special needs, Opolo Bayelsa State, and a colloquium aimed at combating aliteracy and inspiring reading in Abuja, Nigeria. 

As an author, Theresa’s debut – GASP has recorded a number of milestones since its publication in 2021 and is currently being adapted into a movie by a movie production firm situated in Lagos, Nigeria.  

Aside from GASP, Theresa has also written a number of academic articles and literary works, worthy of mention is her contribution chronicling the negative activities of bandits and its impact on Nigeria’s security and economy, which was published by the World Institute for Peace in 2023 under the title;  “View to Peacebuilding, security, and human rights: How do we end Banditry?”. A poem titled “What is justice?” – a rendition in honor of the immediate past Chief Judge of Bayelsa State – Hon. Justice Kate Abiri(rtd) and another “Guilty or Not Guilty?” which she dedicated to the selfless works of the International Federation of Female Lawyers (FIDA) Bayelsa State. 

Theresa’s perturbation in recent times has been to give a coloring to the concept of justice; this disheveling insomnia has now led to the birth of her second novel, a  crime fiction. 

Theresa is currently studying for her Doctor of Philosophy in Law(Ph.D. program.) and lives in Yenagoa, Nigeria, sniffing the freshness of the sea and observing society through the lens of humanity…

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